Operations Department

The Operations Department constantly monitors vessels’ performance and compliance with the charter party terms.
Our operations team maintains close monitoring of the vessels’ communications and follows up when corrective actions are necessary.
The team also arranges the procurement of high quality, prompt and cost efficient bunkering of the vessels from trustworthy suppliers and at competitive credit terms.

Technical Department

The technical team consists of experienced and high-skilled engineers, who ensure optimization of vessels’ performance and compliance with all relevant international regulations and standards.
Repairs and maintenance are carried out in a thorough and efficient manner. Superintendent engineers attend frequently onboard the vessels in order to inspect them and ensure adherence to the highest standards and the company’s policy.

HSQE Department

Health, safety and quality are strongly enhanced through our HSQE Department which also ensures compliance with the required measures for the protection of the environment.
Our HSQE team is committed to the implementation on board the vessels of our Safety Management System, the International Safety Management and the International Ship & Port Facilities Security code.
Our HSQE team also performs ship and head office internal audits and monitors the classification society and the flag state requirements.

Crewing Department

Our Crewing Department collaborates with manning agencies in order to recruit highly trained and competent officers and crew members who are employed on board the vessels.
Our crewing team also monitors compliance with the employment contracts, ensures the well-being of the employed officers and crew members as well as their development through training.

Supply Department

Through our Supply Department close monitoring of requisitions in conjunction with the respective departments is performed.
Spare parts are controlled by computer programs for each vessel and requisitions are made promptly for the purpose of replacing used parts and items.
All supplies are arranged well in advance in order to ensure sufficient paints, deck and engine stores, and spares as per vessels’ requirements.

Chartering Department

The Chartering Department carves the chartering strategy of the company and markets the managed vessels.
A team of experienced in-house brokers explores employment opportunities, negotiates and closes charter party agreements with top tier charterers.